Baby Beehind Cover


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Baby Beehind Cover
Australia's favourite nappy cover is now available in luxurious minkee! These nappy covers would have to be the best value for money PUL covers available in Australia.
They are made from 1 layer of luxurious printed minkee and 1 layer of polyester knit with a breathable, waterproof coating sandwiched in-between. This allows moisture from within the nappy to 'evaporate' through the tiny holes in the fabric, helping to keep baby cooler and drier than when compared to the traditional 'el cheapo' plastic pants of old.
Features and useful info:
  • Sized- Newborn, Small, Medium and Large- to enable the best fit over the nappy.
  • 100% polyester, coloured with safe, non-harmful dyes
  • Superior High-Tech velcro means no rub marks on baby's tummy, longer lasting grip and no curling of the tabs- to keep them looking nicer, longer
  • Fully machine washable and suitable for the tumble dryer
  • Bound in soft elastic to provide a snug fit with no gapes
  • Generously sized
  • Newborn (X-small) 3.5-5kg
  • Small  4-8kg
  • medium 7 -11 Kg
  • Large 10


Personal experiences:
We've always used the PUL covers with great success over our fitted nappies! The key to ensuring a leak free performance is to make sure the fit of the cover is perfect (no gapes around the legs or tummy) and to ensure the nappy gets changed before it becomes too sodden.
Some tips:
  • If the cover if a little big, try pulling it up higher between baby's legs and attaching the velcro tabs on an upward angle. This will make the leg holes smaller
  • Wash your Minkee PUL covers in a lingerie bag to keep them looking nicer for longer
  • We recommend a minimum of 6 covers in whichever size you need, if you are planning to use them full time over your baby's nappies.
  • We recommend rotating between two covers throughout the day- one worn by baby, and one airing after you've done a nappy change, with one clean spare cover in case of an accident and then the other in the wash. The other 2 are for night time use; one tonight, the other tomorrow night. Hence the need for at least 6 covers. It really does make life easier to have the recommended number of covers on hand- it is very frustrating when you discover that you dont have enough because they are all in the wash!