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Creators of the multi-award winning pop-in modern cloth nappy and the caboo range of baby carriers.

Close have a passion for creating wonderfully made and honestly considered products for parents and the little miracles they nurture through babyhood.

It is their genuine love of all things baby, alongside their own passion for ’reproducing’, that has created a range of award winning ideas, designed and manufactured to exacting standards in order to deliver the best experience

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  • Caboo +organic

    Caboo, a sweet sounding word that means to be close to someone, is the new name for the Close baby carrier. So, when you Caboo, you are close to your little one, whenever, wherever. With the Caboo +organic, you’re...

  • Close Pop-in - Burp Cloths (Pack of 2)

    Specially contoured to sit over either shoulder, the Pop-in burp cloth has a waterproof stain resistant top layer, a hidden waterproofing membrane and full wicking fleece layer on the reverse to help ensure it stays exactly...

  • Stuff Sack

    Make wet change bags a thing of the past, with the tape-sealed seams and advanced fabric technology of Pop-in stuff sacks.This handy addition to every parent's kit can be used to share and transport almost anything... a wet...

  • Pop-in Newborn Nappy

    The Pop-in Newborn Nappy Pack is everything a new parent needs to start using cloth nappies on a teeny bundle of joy. It is an easy, affordable and comfortable way to bridge the gap between tiny newborn and birth to potty...

  • Pop-in Car Seat Protector- Monster edie

    Toilet training on the go made easy with the Pop-in Car Seat Protector! Potty training when travelling can be tough. Keep car seats protected from accidents with the Pop-in Car Seat Protector that’s waterproof, and...

  •  Pop-in Coverall Bib

    Being a kid is tough. Eating, painting, playing. Yes, things can get messy quite fast. Luckily, the Pop-in Coverall Bib is designed to keep the fun in childhood while keeping the messes out!   Makes Life...

  • Pop-in Night Time Pants

    Dry during the day but not quite yet there at night? Love to escape the cost of disposable pull-ups? The Pop-in night-time pants are the perfect reusable solution giving you and your little ones the peace of mind needed for...

  • Pop-in Rash Vest

          The Pop-in rash vest is great for both the beach and the pool and helps ensure little splashers are protected, keeping them warmer in the water so they can enjoy their splash...

  • Pop-in Reversible Weaning Bib Stage 2

    Baby ready to move from milk to meals? Make sure you have a stash of the pretty and practical Pop-in reversible and reusable weaning bibs!   Makes Life Simpler With a pretty patterned side that repels stains and is...

  • Pop-in Single Nappy- Squirrel

    Makes Life Simpler With its clever waterproof shell that holds a soaker and booster popped in together, the Pop-in single nappy is made of bamboo and has sweet stretch tabs that ensure the perfect fit. The double leg...

  • Pop-in Swim Nappy

    Makes Life Simpler Made of a special laminate which is softer and more flexible than traditional neoprene, the Pop-in reusable swim nappy contains three layers - inside, a fast wicking fleece, outside, a stain resistant...

  • Stage 1 Pop-in reversible bandana bib

    The Stage 1 Pop-in reversible bandana style bib is the perfect bib for those early days filled with sweet snuggles during feeding sessions, gurgles and giggles of a new baby.  With a pretty patterned side that repels...

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