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Funky Fluff

About Funky Fluff

FUNKY FLUFF & STUFF INC. was founded by two long time friends, Kathy Bello and Tricia Corda. Our Company and the 3 in 1 cloth diaper design officially launched in April 2012 and we couldn’t be happier. We are a small Canadian business and a team of two moms located in Toronto, Ontario. We are both cloth diapering mommas and have five children between the two of us.

FUNKY FLUFF diapers were created out of love for our babies and our desire to provide them with eco-friendly, safe, quality products. We wanted to design a cloth diaper that anyone would feel confident in using on their babies. We also wanted to ensure that our product would be easy on the wallet as we are well aware that raising children is expensive, especially if you want to provide them with the best products out there.

Although we both have experience with cloth diapers, this process took a lot of time, research and testing. Designing these cloth diapers meant MANY late nights once the kids were in bed, but after all the hard work, we really feel that we have come up with the most functional diaper on the market.

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  •  Funky Fluff Double Pocket Wet Bag

    The Double Pocket Wet BagKeep your clean and dirty items separate in one bag that has two completely individual compartments. Both sections are waterproof and close with a high quality zipper. Outer pocket opens out and...

  • Funky Fluff Soaker Set

    Bamboo LUX Bamboo soakers offer incredible absorbency with fabric made from renewable resources. Bamboo fabric is especially soft and breathable. It keeps babies comfortable and cool. Design Features: Comes in a set of...

  • Hemp Booster Set

    Product Description Do your diapers need a boost?  Absorbent but very trim hemp and organic cotton boosters will give you just what you need for nighttime or your heavy wetter. Design Features: Sold in a set of 2...

  • LUX Bamboo Diaper System

    Product Description FUNKY FLUFF Bamboo diapers offer incredible absorbency and natural fibres against your baby’s skin. Bamboo is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its crops grow quickly and require...

  • Lux Diaper System - Stay Dry

    Product Description Funky Fluff Wicking Jersey diaper shells are lined with luxurious moisture wicking fabric leaving baby feeling dry and comfortable.  Best of all it is extremely trim and silky with stretch similar...

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