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TotsBots began after our second baby, Maia, was born in 2001. Having used disposables for three years on our first child, Kyle, we headed down the cloth nappy route with fingers crossed as lots of people thought we were a bit mad to be using old-fashioned nappies. Four months later, having tried various brands of cloth nappies we were about to give up. I then decided to make my own nappies combining the best of both cloth and disposables. Even I was amazed at how well my prototypes worked. Soon our friends wanted some, they told their friends, who told their friends and it wasn’t long before we were well on our way to became the thriving business TotsBots is today.

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    There is no need for a  separate waterproof cover as it is already attached. Simple really. With a soft absorbent booster already attached you don’t have to search for extra bits and build the nappy before you put...


    New from Tot Bots!!  The all new Easyfit Star! The ultimate 1-piece nappy for absorbency, fit, comfort and an out of this world performance.   Ø Absorbent bamboo core Ø Stay dry buffer...


    A great labour saving product Simply remove the liner from the nappy and flush the liner and any solids down the toil   The very latest thing in biodegradable liners. Made from 100% biodegradable cellulose...

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