Dri Liners - Pack of 3


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Dri Liners - Pack of 3

Love Cloth Nappies? Love Nappy Liners but don't want to flush or have the waste?  but your baby wets heavily? Use this product with any cloth nappy. Helps to keep baby’s skin dry and helps prevent nappy rash by rapidly drawing moisture away from the skin. Wash and dry with ease.

You will love this little accessory. Dri Liners draw moisture completely away from babies skin. So you can use this with any cloth nappy or any disposable nappy.

They are thin, add no bulk, and are suitable to use under any cloth nappy that you currently use.

Keep your babies skin dry no matter how wet the nappy is! Many years ago in pre disposable nappy times, this little product was a must have for all mums. Yes...they were just called mums then, not cloth mums! The simple triangle shape means it can easily lay on a flat nappy once folded or is pulled in from the sides and bottom for us with all modern cloth nappies. The triangle shape gives much better coverage to all of babies skin instead of just the wet area. 

One size fits all! A dri liner is a triangle shape so it can fit with any style of cloth nappy. If you have a flat nappy and using it for a toddler, simply lay the triangle shape out flat on your nappy before wrapping your nappy on your baby. Simply fold in half for a newborn and open larger as you need as your baby grows.

Using Modern Cloth Nappies? NO Worries! The triangle shape still fits over your cloth nappy, you simply wrap it on your baby first, then do your nappy up!

This may just be the thing that keeps you happy with cloth nappies if you have a baby that wees a lot or is prone to nappy rash.