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  • Natural one size all in one - H&L

    Feature Interior consists of 11 thirsty layers of natural fibers : 3 layers of organic cotton in the body and 2 soaker pads with 8 layers of hemp/organic cotton Goes on in one simple step - cloth diapering doesn't get...

  •  Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper - Solids

    The Rumparooz will fit most babies at any size between birth (size newborn, 6 lbs) up through potty training (size large, 35+ lbs). Rumparooz are uniquely designed to grow with your baby. Your baby can wear the Rumparooz...

  • BBH Hemp Fitted

    The original Baby BeeHinds fitted nappy. Known and loved worldwide! Made from our customised Hemp/Organic Cotton fleece fabric, these nappies are shaped exactly like the Bamboo Fitted to fit & contour your baby's shape...

  • Best Bottom Heavy Wetter All-in-One

    he Best Bottom Heavy Wetter AIO Diaper will fit most babies from 10-40+ pounds and is available in your favorite Best Bottom Diaper prints and solids! The Heavy Wetter AIO’s inner is lined with two layers of...

  • Blueberry One Size Simplex All In One Diaper- Buttflies

    An all-in-one diaper design that combines the convenience of an all-in-one diaper while providing the absorbency adjustability of a pocket diaper. The diaper has pocket openings on both ends that allows you to increase the...

  • Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights

    Bamboo Delights are so beautifully soft and luxurious. The bamboo velour is lush and perfect against the delicate skin of babies. Bamboo Delights are a one sized nappy that fit beautifully from birth. They don't need rise...


    What you're getting 1 x Candie Shell in either minky or PUL 1 x Snap in Trifold 1 x Lay in Booster How Candies work Bubblebubs candies are one sized but do not have rise snaps, to see how they fit click the how to...

  • BumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diaper

    NEW! bumGenius Elemental  { all-in-one cloth diaper }   Organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom: it’s elemental! Our newly improved, one-size, one-piece diaper is an ideal, natural...

  • BumGenius Freetime All-In-One Cloth Diaper

    bumGenius Freetime  { all-in-one cloth diaper }   Diaper your baby in one easy step. Our one-piece, one-size design features adjustable absorbency and a stay-dry inner lining. Less time diapering equals more...

  • bumGenius Original One-Size Cloth Diaper 5.0

    bumGenius Original  { one-size, pocket-style cloth diaper }   The original bumGenius pocket design released in 2005, put bumGenius on the map as one of the best-selling cloth diapers in the world — and...

  • Bummis AIO

    The Bummis All-in-One is our easiest to use diaper!   Fits 3.6kg ot 16kg No stuffing, no snapping in of inserts and no folding - simply adjust it to the size of your baby and snap it on. When soiled, remove and store...

  • Cushie Tushie - Chameleon-  Angel Dots

    * Our unique One-Size design fits babies from approximately 3kg to 17kg. * The Chameleon nappy comes as a set with one waterproof cover plus two absorbent cloth boosters.* The Chameleon nappy cover...

  • Dream Diaper 2.0

    Product Description The Dream Diaper 2.0 is a less-prep all-in-one diaper made from a blend of certified organic cotton and hemp. The snap-in insert can be detached and replaced with our Dream Diaper Overnight Insert for...

  • Grovia AIO (Cloud AIO)

    GroVia™ Cloth All-In-Ones have a super absorbent, organic cotton inner with a soft layer of water resistant TPU outer.No stuffing, no doublers!!

  • GroVia O.N.E - Woodland

    O.N.E   The O.N.E diaper is a true all-in-one diaper (fits 10-35+ pounds) that comes with everything you’ll ever need to cloth diaper a baby: enough absorbency to forget boosters and doublers (even...

  • Imagine 2.0 Bamboo AIO- H&L - Raccoon Ruckus

    ABOUT ALL-IN-ONE DIAPERS Waterproof shell, absorbent interior, and soft lining are all built-in. Easy to Use - Most like a disposable diaper, except you wash them.   THE IMAGINE...

  •  Imagine 2.0 Bamboo AIO- Snap

    ABOUT ALL-IN-ONE DIAPERS Waterproof shell, absorbent interior, and soft lining are all built-in. Easy to Use - Most like a disposable diaper, except you wash them.   THE IMAGINE...

  • LUX Bamboo Diaper System

    Product Description FUNKY FLUFF Bamboo diapers offer incredible absorbency and natural fibres against your baby’s skin. Bamboo is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Its crops grow quickly and require...

  • Lux Diaper System - Stay Dry

    Product Description Funky Fluff Wicking Jersey diaper shells are lined with luxurious moisture wicking fabric leaving baby feeling dry and comfortable.  Best of all it is extremely trim and silky with stretch similar...

  • Magic-Alls Multi Fits

    Voted the "Best Pocket Nappy" in the 2016 Cloth Nappy Awards, the Magic-All Multi-fit is great value for money & a superb nappy for babies of all ages!  One-Size sizing - Use from newborn to toddler so...

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