Cloth Vs Disposable
25 Mar
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Cloth vs disposable – The facts!

One of the most common misunderstandings aboutcloth nappiesis that they are difficult to use and difficult to maintain. Modern cloth nappies (MCN’s) are just as easy to change as a disposable and as easy to maintain as washing a load of laundry. Withhook and looporsnapclosures, adjustable sizing, and one or two piece designs, modern cloth nappies are convenient and nifty.

They are arguably better at covering messes than disposable nappies, as they are designed with a more adjustable fit and stronger, thicker elastic at the legs and back.

Washing nappies at home adds two to three loads of laundry per week, and you never have to worry about running out of nappies – or having to do that midnight run for more!

In the end, A Baby’s Skin Is Healthiest When It Is Clean and Dry

Disposable nappies do an unbelievable job of keeping skin dry because they are super absorbent. However, with this absorbency and their high cost, they tend to be changed less frequently than every 2-3 hours, (recommended by your GP). With cloth nappies, the cost per change is less of a factor because each cloth nappy can be reused hundreds of time, allowing for more frequent changes and a way to keep skin truly dry and rash free.

Environmental Effect of Disposable Nappies vs Cloth Nappies

800 million nappies are thrown away every year in Australia (Planet Ark). The production, distribution, and disposal of these nappies leaves an overwhelming footprint on our planet. The average disposable diaper can take 500 years to decay and contains petroleum, plastics, perfumes, wood pulp, and dioxins. These components of disposable nappies are not ingredients that most environmentally conscious people want to throw in the trash. When a family chooses to use cloth nappies they choose the peace of mind that comes from eliminating over 6,000 nappies per child from our landfills. They also remove the greenhouse gases connected to the production, transport and delivery of disposable products.

Price of Cloth Nappies vs Disposable Nappies

The price of cloth nappies is significantly lower than the cost of disposables. Diapering a child in generic disposables costs over $1,400 over 2.5 years. A full time cloth nappy system can cost as little as $300. The cost of cloth nappies comes upfront, when building up supply, but it dismisses the regular stress over budgeting for disposables on an ongoing basis.

Choosing cloth nappies is inexpensive overall, as well as easier on the family finances!

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