Bare and Boho

Bare & Boho - (OSFM) V3 Nappy- Bamboo


Designer Modern Cloth Nappies for the Minimalist!

The Ultimate Snap-in-Snap-Out Nappy system, featuring Australia's own original reusable and wipeable Shell. This nappy collection is designed to make nappy changing simple, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Thoughtfully designed in Australia & ethically created featuring custom elements and signature hand-painted and commissioned artworks.

The innovative design features of the shell, offer the ability to reuse your shell through numerous changing, which makes using our nappies on-the-go, so efficient! Understanding how the nappy components fit together has never been more simple!

The absorbent inserts  snap or lay into the lining of the shell!

The Version 3 highlights:

 Nappy Shell

  • More structure, less bulk, elongated shape, relaxed elastics.
  • Thinner elastic in groin that is not pulled as taut.
  • Rear elastic is stitched flat and not as taut- allowing for it to be easier to lay flat and then lay bub on.
  • More structure via extra panelling, so the extra wing panelling and front panelling at topwaist help with reinforcement and less of the laminate on bub.
  • We elongated the shape, so the wings are less rounded, therefore less prone to digging in across thighs. This gives more space for chunky thighs, but also means a longer shell; longer timeframe in the shell for a growing bub.

 Nappy Insert

  • Longer to grow with bub.
  • More slender shape with relaxed elastics to avoid extra bulk in groin.
  • 2 options:
    • Stay-dry layer + gussets, with our normal bamboo-cotton fleece rear layers - NO NEED FOR A MICROFLEECE LINER!
    • Hemp-organic cotton 4 layers (no stay dry layer)
  • The option for wider front for boys and the slender part for girls- insert can be bidirectional.
  • Faster drying for the bamboo by removing a layer of fleece and replacing with microfleece.

 Please note, OSFM nappies no longer come with a booster.


 One-Size-Fits-Most and is suitable for weight ranges between 4kg up to 18kg.