Best Bottom

Best Bottom Heavy Wetter All-in-One

The Best Bottom Heavy Wetter All-In-One One Size Nappy is easy to use and fully customisation for your little one. This AIO is lined with super absorbent bamboo viscose and the included insert is six layers of thirsty bamboo viscose. This trim fitting AIO is generously cut and will quickly become your go-to diaper. Made in the USA.



  • Fits most babies from 4.5-18+ kgs
  • Crossover waist snap to fit even the smallest of babies yet generously sized to fit 18+ Kgs
  • Double gussets making this nappy bulletproof
  • Interior is lined with TWO layers of super absorbent bamboo viscose
  • One size insert with six layers of thirsty bamboo viscose topped with a soft no-pill fleece. Insert snaps into the diaper with TWO snaps in the back and has ONE snap on the front giving an option to snap into the front of the nappy
  • Hidden snaps so an extra Best Bottom insert can be added for overnights
  • Leak stopper PUL strips on the front and back of the inside of the nappy
  • Soft PUL is completely waterproof so no other diaper cover is needed
  • Trim fitting yet is generously cut
  • Made in the USA