Close Newborn Pop-Ins

Close Newborn Pop-Ins are designed especially for newborns and premature babies. They can be used straight from birth.

With a uniquely designed front section that is contoured to sit below the umbilical cord rather than over it, the nappy itself is much slimmer and intended for the lower wetting, high frequency changing those first few weeks bring.

With a clever double-sided design of the soaker, this nappy gives you the choice of 100% soya, known as vegetable cashmere, or stay dry suede cloth against baby's delicate skin.

Key Features

~ Bridge the gap from tiny baby and birth to potty sizing

~ Soft elasticated waistline and easy velcro fastening for quick changes

~ Double gusset to protect against leaks at any size or age

~ Removable soakers so outer wrap can be re-used if not soiled

~ Contoured to sit underneath the umbilical cord

~ Soya and stay dry suede cloth sides to the inner soaker

~ Easy to care for, no soaking simply wash on a 60 degree wash

The Pop-In newborn nappy has the same trust and reliability of the standard Pop-In while being perfect for the early days with unique features, like an easy-to-wipe-clean-and-reuse outer wrap leaving you to just switch the soaker over come change time.