Ecoposh OBV Fitted One Size

The Kanga Care Ecoposh OBV is a one size fitted cloth nappy, featuring an interior made from plush Organic Cotton Bamboo velour, providing long lasting absorbency along with soft comfort.


  • Fitted one-size cloth nappy
  • Adjusts to four different sizes to accommodate children from approximately 2.5kg - 15+kg
  • Grows with baby from birth to toilet training through adjustable snap settings
  • Stuffable pocket nappy with patented double inner gussets
  • Each Ecoposh OBV comes with a 6r Soaker set made out of organic cotton and rayon from bamboo
  • Fitted nappy + 6r Soaker set = 10 thirsty layers - providing great absorbency for overnight
  • Nappy is not waterproof and will require a type of nappy cover (available separately) to keep wetness contained


  • Organic cotton Bamboo Velour inner lining
    (60% bamboo rayon, 20% organic cotton, 20% polyester)
  • Cotton/Polyester blend outer (colour) layer, made from recycled water bottles


One Size - fits most babies at any size between birth (size newborn, 2.5kg) up through potty training (size large, 15+ kgs)

  • Newborn setting starts at 2.5kg
  • Small setting starts at 4.5kg
  • Medium setting starts at 6.8kg
  • Large setting (fully un-snapped) starts around 9kg and will fit up to 15-18kg

How to use:

Before first use, the nappies should be prepped

Prepping nappies

  • Wash 5x in hot water (no detergent) with a cold rinse, tumble dry medium
  • This will shrink the nappies to appropriate size and "sponge" up fabric for maximum absorbency
    (Nappies will be at their fullest absorbency after 10 washes but may begin use after 5 washes)
  • If cord stump is still present, snap down the cord care feature
  • After cord stump has healed, cord snap feature may be un-snapped
  • Fasten nappy to baby
  • This nappy needs a cover, available separately