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Lalabye Baby

Lalabye Baby Pail Liner

Dimensions: Approximately 28" long by 24" wide


  • Great for holding your  cloth nappies until wash day, or use it to hold and haul clothing if your child's nappy days are over. Simply toss it in the wash with the nappies and hang to dry! Lalabye Baby pail liners make a stylish addition to any nursery and make clean up a breeze.
  • The top of the pail liner is encased in elastic, making it ready to spring into action holding onto your diaper pail, garbage can, or laundry basket. Simply pop it in and fold the edge over the top of your container, and you're ready to go!
    Strong elastic holds the liner to the diaper pail when you toss in dirties so that the bag doesn't slip.


  • Wash warm, hang dry or tumble low

Made with 100% polyester TPU (waterproof fabric)