Nappy Cover - Snap

The Imagine Nappy Cover offers a really economical way to cloth nappy your baby. This cover has an adjustable rise so it will fit your baby from 8-35+ lbs - for all your baby's nappy years! 

Use the Imagine Diaper Cover with prefolds, flats, contours or fitted nappies. The interior is wipeable so it can be used multiple times before washing. It works well to use 2 covers and allow one to air dry between diaper changes.

The combination of the waterproof yet breathable material and the double leg gussets make this Nappy cover leakproof no matter what you use inside it for absorbency.

To Use:

  • Adjust front snaps to desired size
  • Secure over an absorbent cloth diaper
  • Reuse if not soiled

Care Instructions:

  • Cold rinse.
  • Hot wash with detergent.
  • Tumble low or line dry.

You can choose either a Hook & Loop or Snap Closure in five beautiful colors and three adorable prints. The Hook & Loop version has generous foldback tabs for easy laundering and the Snap version uses high quality and durable snaps.

Imagine OS Diaper Cover