RAWr® Nappy Boosters Contour Bamboo

Product Description Want extra boosting in your RAWr night nappy? Not a problem! The RAWr Contour Bamboo is a great choice for extra front panel nappy boosting in Stuff n Snap nappies. All bamboo contour inserts are available separately in infant to extra large sizes. Three layers of OEKO-Tex 100 certified 80/20 bamboo fleece For use with Night Nappy AIO Stuff n Snaps Fold in half and insert in the front of the pocket for boys and/or tummy sleepers One contour bamboo insert is included with all Night Nappy AIO Stuff n Snaps. Please note, contour inserts will not fit the HERO One Size as extra boosting – it is much too trim, although the mini boosters, and small and large trifolds will fit in the HERO as an alternative to the long tail insert. Some bamboo nappy boosters come with rainbow overlocking and some with white overlocking.