Soft Soul

About Soul India's biggest babywearing brand, Soul makes a variety of baby carriers and coordinating lifestyle products such as baby blankets, sun hats, soft shoes and doll carriers, and adult shawls, scarves and bags. We use the finest Indian textiles in pure natural fibres (cotton, linen), using baby-safe dyes. Our products are designed, hand-made and shipped directly by Soul from Bangalore, India, and our carriers are tested by ASTM standards. Our huge variety and affordable pricing make us a favourite in India and around the world.

Soft Souls

0-6 Months: US size 0-4, UK size 0-3, EU size 16-19, Length 4 3/8 inches/11.1 cm 6-12 Months: US size 5, UK size 4, EU size 20, Length 4 3/4 inches/12.1 cm

12-18 Months: US size 6-7, UK size 5-6, EU size 21-23, Lenght 5 1/2 inches,/14 cm 18-24 Months: US size 8, UK size 7, EU size 24-25, Length 6 inches/15.2 cm