Buttons Cloth Diapers

Buttons Bamboo Prefolds 6 Pack

 6 soft & absorbent prefold diapers in each pack.

Made of 55% bamboo and 45% unbleached cotton, woven with a lint-free gauze weave for durability and softness. Fit perfectly inside of diaper covers without folding it over length-wise. Buttons prefolds are 4x8x4, which means there are 4 layers on each side panel and 8 layers in the center panel, making them highly absorbent. These prefolds are Diaper Service Quality. 


Bamboo Prefolds about 35% from sizes shown below when washed.
Size 1: 3-5.5 kgs, 12"x13.5"
Size 2: 5.5-11 kgs, 14"x15"
Size 3: 11-18 kgs, 15.5"x18"

Prep: Wash and dry prefolds 2 times before using. This will remove the natural cotton oils and help the diapers reach full absorbency.