EcoNaps Mini wet bags

Product Description

Introducing the newest addition to the EcoNaps Cloth Nappy Accessories range – Mini Wet Bags!

Small enough to fit in any nappy bag, school bag, or stroller but large enough to fit a Cloth Nappy with ease, EcoNaps Mini Wet Bags are the essential Cloth Nappy Accessory.

Once you have a few of these in your stash, you’ll have no idea how you survived without them! We honestly use them for everything and anything! Dirty Nappies (of course!), wet swimmers, Day Care, spare clothes, reusable wipes, snack bag, face washers, keeping bottles or expressing pumps clean when out and about .. well, your imagination really is the limit!


  • Made from Waterproof, Breathable PUL
  • Easily fits 2 EcoNaps Cloth Nappies
  • Easy snap handle for fastening onto a stroller handle
  • Measures approximately 19.5cm x 27cm – just a little smaller than an A4 page
  • Available in a range of stylish prints, all hand designed in Byron Bay!