Subo - The Food Bottle

The Food Bottle holds a maximum of 210ml of food, but can be adjusted to smaller volumes by pushing up the platform before filling.


A reusable and non-squeeze food bottle.  Subo - The Food Bottle allows babies, toddlers and children to feed themselves independently without the associated mess.  It is great for use on the go and works best with healthy purees, smoothies,yoghurts and mashed foods.  


  • Compatible with different food types:  Purees, yogurts, smoothies, and mashed first foods.

  • No more mess: The Subo - The Food Bottle puts food directly into your little one’s mouth, getting rid of any of the messy steps in between.

  • Re-usable:  The Subo - The Food Bottle is reusable and helps us to be more environmentally friendly by reducing the need to purchase and dispose of single use packaged foods.

  • Phthalate & BPA Free

  • Non Squeeze:  Allows children to easily sip from the soft spout, without the need to squeeze, eliminating the mess that comes with using squeezable pouches.

  • Time Saving:  Enables quick easy snacks and/or meals on the go.




Benji blue is a sure eye catcher. The founding son of Subo, has a cool blue centre with highlight yellow top and bottom. 


Monty mint is as cool as they come! With solid grey ends and an icy mint center, take Monty with you everywhere you go to stop those grumbling tummies!

Penelope Pink, is sure to be a favourite with the girls (and boys)! With a sweet pink centre and cheeky teal highlights, look out for this fun loving tummy filler.