Thirsties - pail liner

Don't air your dirty laundry! Now Thirsties has a better solution to keep your nappies under wraps. We’re excited to introduce our new line of pail liners in several of Thirsties’ most popular colours. These stylish bags are not just “for looks”; they have been completely redesigned with a waterproof TPU laminate and fully-taped waterproof seams to keep your baby’s biggest messes sealed within. This awesome pail liner provides a perfect fit on pails up to 54 quarts ( approx. 51 Litres), while an attached closure strap holds in odours while carrying your liner to the wash.

To clean your pail liner, simply toss it in the wash with your soiled diapers. We recommend purchasing at least two liners to keep in rotation.



  • Elastic opening provides a snug fit on most nappy pails up to 54 quarts
  • Waterproof TPU laminate and fully-taped waterproof seams prevent leaking and wicking and keep moisture out of your diaper pail
  • Sewn-in closure strap keeps odors in when liner is not in a nappy pail


30h x 29w (Approx. 76cm H x 73 cm  W)



100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate